What is Jiu Jitsu?

Jiu Jitsu is great in combat

BJJ uses leverage-based holds and body positioning to pin an attacker and utilises joint locks and strangles to disable them if needed. In contrast to striking arts, where your only option is to hit an assailant, you will develop a toolkit suitable for the full range of self-defence scenarios in BJJ, from containing rowdy relatives at the family BBQ to full-on apocalyptic gladiatorial combat. Of course, if you are already a striker, you will have even more options in learning BJJ!
BJJ is one of the three core disciplines in MMA, and grappling skills are crucially important in professional fighting.

Unbelievably fun to train

Jiu Jitsu demands your complete attention; it’s like meditation - you simply can’t think of anything else when someone is trying to armlock or strangle you!
The feedback loop in BJJ is immediate and addictive. There are countless ways to express yourself through the tactics and strategies available.
There is a game for every body type, from short and stocky to long and lean. If you are out of shape, BJJ is so much fun you’ll probably be too distracted to notice that you’re working out.
If you’ve enjoyed play-fighting, wrestling with aunties and uncles, or mum and dad when you were little, then Jiu Jitsu is just like that but with much better technique.
Whether breaking up a long day with a lunchtime session or unwinding in the evening (or both!) Jiu Jitsu might be perfect for you.

Practise is realistic

Jiu Jitsu is trained live against resisting opponents. This means that sparring and live sparring games are the most crucial part of regular training. Training with adaptive resistance and even full intensity with trusted training partners gives you the confidence to execute what you have learned in high-pressure situations. For example, if your untrained doppelganger from a parallel universe was to challenge you to a battle, you would dunk on them.

It’s a community

A strong bond is formed when you share a common interest, train hard, and trust that someone won’t injure you. Many longtime friendships are created on the mats.
The Jiu Jitsu community is global. You can drop into BJJ gyms worldwide and instantly be connected with friendly people.

It’s a sport

Jiu Jitsu is also a sport. Jiu Jitsu practitioners often compete in regional and national competitions to objectively measure their progress and make new friends. This regular meeting of different clubs helps to ensure that the “quality” of Jiu Jitsu stays high.
The competitive aspect of BJJ serves to weed out any fluff. If it’s ineffective, it won’t win matches, and eventually, it won’t be taught. So although elite Jiu Jitsu competition is fun to watch, successful tactics and strategies are constantly reincorporated into the instruction at Workshop Jiu Jitsu.
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